Multiple Teams · An Email From Fairview Parent

I received this email and wanted to share it with the Buckeye Community:
Mr. Tudor, Mr. Reisner and Mr. Pinzone,
My name is Debby Brousek and I am the mother of an injured player from the Fairview Warriors Football team.  My Son, Alex Brousek sustained a traumatic season ending leg injury last Thursday, the evening before the Buckeye/Fairview football game. Needless to say my son is heartbroken as both my husband and I are, that this is the ending to his High school football career.
With as much heartbreak and sadness we were experience from the injury just 24 hours prior to the football gameFriday night, my son and I experienced the real reason why he loves football and why the football community in Buckeye is top-notch.
Alex was on the sidelines during the game to be there for his teammates, and at the end of the game when he was waiting on the sidelines while the teams shook hands on the field,  numerous amazing Buckeye players walked over to the sidelines to shake my sons hand and wish him the best of luck.  Many of the coaches also came off the field to shake his hand as well. Needless to say this was beyond amazing and very emotional for me to watch the true  meaning of sportsmanship unfold before my eyes.  Now I truly understand why my son just loves playing football.  It isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about the bond of brotherhood and the character of the players you play with and against.
It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about that moment in time.  Those boys weren’t told to come shake Alex’s hand, they did that completely on their own and because they have been coached well and raised right!  What outstanding young men you have at your school and on your Football Team, you should be very proud of them.
While Alex has a long road ahead of him, the support he has been shown from both our community and from yours on Friday night,  has really helped his spirits during this trying time.
Alex will be back and ready to play the game he loves again.
Please tell your team and your coaches, THANK YOU, from the family of Alex Brousek.
Debby Brousek
Proud Mother of Alex Brousek, Fairview Warrior Football Player/Captain